The street harassment is something I typically brush off. It happens, but last night I just couldn’t deal with anymore. I’m tired of being polite out of fear for my own safety. I’m exhausted by the fact that those cat-callers and harassers don’t even see their own wrong in what they’re doing and saying to me. The blatant fact that they hold the power in the situation makes me sick. It’s not a compliment, it’s an invasion of my privacy and right to be here. I do not exist for you to comment on. I’m not being nice to you because I’m flattered, I’m being nice because I’m afraid of what saying something back to you would mean for my physical well-being. 

It makes me even more sick that I was in a public place surrounded by other people who could see what was going on. They could hear it. It was obvious I was not with this person, who invaded my space and threatened my safety. I don’t know who I was more angry with at the time; my harasser or the people who clearly knew what was going on and did NOTHING to help or stop it.

I’d give anything to live my same life for three days as a man. The difference would be astounding. 

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Pretty Girls & Bourbon

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What a pretty perfect place. Seattle, I’m sad to leave you but I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

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